Guys, if you broke up with a girl and truly want to get her back, what would you do?

Say you broke up with your GF in not the nicest way possible (nobody cheated or lied, you just kind of became bored and the relationship lost it's spice). A few weeks later, you started regretting it and realized you made a mistake. What kinds if things would you do to ease your way back into her life?


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  • It's not difficult really. You two know each other already. He should say something if he regrets it. We are actually pretty simple. Unless of course you are already dating someone. Then he may feel he doesn't have the right to come back.

    • He is tentative to say anything because he was a real ass when he broke up plus he is very emotionally reserved. He is slowly fishing, feeling me out. He's open to wanting to hang out and is asking me to email him when I go on vacation next week...

    • If you want him back and forgive him, telling him you forgive him is the best way to dispelled that awkward vibe hanging in the air.

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  • For me break up is the end of everything and under no situation I will back to her. Of course if she wants I will stay as her friend or if she need something I will try as I can to help her but break up for me is the end of a romantic relationship and things never come back.

    • I feel the same, but say you broke up with a girl and felt the need to start emailing/calling her, wanting to hang out. Would you say that you are not completely over her? That you still have feelings? Keep in mind, you would be initiating contact, not her

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    • I agree with you but if you didn't care at ALL and you were done, you wouldn't make contact just to be "nice", esp if it's only 2 weeks after you broke up with her. Would you feel intense jealousy if you had zero feelings for her?

    • Its hard to say because I was never into this situation. Its kind of situation that you must be in to find out what would happened.

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  • First step would probably try to contact her.

    • Right but after that... am really targeting the guys with this question, thanks though:)

    • Anytime Anon :)

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