If you left your ex and she decided to pursue you? Do you enjoy the chase? Consider it?

My. ex broke up with me due to trust issues and lately we've been hanging out although he says we can only be friends and he's moved on (to even talking to some girl) I find him spending time with me and has even held my hand and flirtatious but minimal... I told him if I could at least change his decision if I really work hard for it and he didn't texted back yes or no... I've told him ill do my best to prove to him how much I love him.. he tells me not to waste my time because he doesn't want to hurt me.. yet when I see him and we sit together he has put his arm around my chair, is touchy feely... with this being said do guys enjoy the chase? Is this something I shld continue to win him back? What? Any ideas on what to do to pursue him?


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  • It depends. On what the reason for the break-up was...

    I moved on from an ex because while I liked her (and continue to), we couldn't manage the relationship. Her timings didn't match mine. She expected me to be around when she was free (can't blame her, as she was busy and I was kindof flexitime).

    Finally, it was too much and I was falling sick. Badly. So it was my health or the relationship.

    So, while we still are friends, I would feel like your ex and prefer that we didn't start this again. As he says, don't want to waste her time and don't want her to get hurt!

    • We broke up because he feels he cnt trust me I have a lot of guy friends but I swear that's all they are some end up liking me so when they wld say things like hey beautiful I wld just shrug it off unfortunately in his eyes I was disrespectful to him and it was like I might as well shldve cheated since than our relationship went downhill... Everytime he says he only sees me as a friend when we are together he will flirt with me.. I know he's hurt from what I did and I wish I cld take it back. I want to marry him one day :(

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    • I now understand I shldve been clear with those guys that I had a bf so they wldnt send msgs that seemed flirtatious... now I've told my ex im sorry but he feels he cnt trust me.. I want to win him back but he's talking to someone else but he's told my bff he still is attracted to me but his buddies like his other girl now well of course because they dnt know her as well yet and he's told his buddies I cheated on him.. when I never did

    • Sometimes life gets unnecessarily complex, at the wrong times...

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  • Well I would love too be chased, especially out of love like yours, keep on chasing, but if he does something close to you, try to look at it objectively if you're not mistakenly getting touchy in your mind. Plus if he puts an arm around your chair, do the same or take his hand and put it on your shoulder or something, however don't say anything.
    Just see if he's playing along or not for starters.

    • Thank you for taking the time to advise... yes I've never really had to. be the girl chasing he guy they've always had to convince me.. now that I have to I dnt want to give up but im afraid what if it never works out... today I invited him somewhere since we were both off and he said he Cldnt he already had plans.. I. felt Crushed because what if he is going out with some girl... at the same. time each time we are together he will sit next to. me, be touchy feely, he has even kissed me before but he says its because he's only. physically attracted to me.. however to. me that's the same thing they obviously still care... I don't know what to do? Think? Its hard to be ok when I don't know if tonight he's going out with a new girl :'( ... I texted him. today "when im gone will you miss me?" He said "yes" than why isn't he going. out with me today?

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