Does that fooled small feeling ever leave you when you've been cheated on?

Well long story short my girlfriend cheated on me with the father of her children she denied it but being in a small town most people beside me knew that this was pretty routine for them. I can't help but to feel stupid and small because she said I love you first and talked about giving me my first child and being a great father to hers, and to have this happen and they just pick up where they left off like nothing. I don't want her back or anything, it's just that I want this dunce hat taking off of me and start to feel confident again.


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  • She looks a lot worse than you do. It's a really shitty feeling, I would know, but you'll get over it.


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  • It's not a dunce hat. It's honor... You trusted her. Do you know how many women would die to have a man who trusted them, like you trusted this other woman? No, do not be ashamed, or feel stupid. Feel sorry for her... This shame will be on her head until she repents of it, and cries tears of shame.

    You are a solid, honorable, decent, good man. A worthy woman will cherish those things- not exploit them.


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  • been there done that.. eventually it goes..


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