How long should I wait for him to decide?

So I contacted my ex a few days ago -- broke up in March and just (to summaries it) asked him if he might like try things again. He said he wasn't sure if he was "emotionally there" for a relationship. But after a long talk I felt there was some hope for a reunion. I said he needed time and space to decide. I'm willing to give him this. However, and I hate to think like this, but I don't personally know how long I can wait for him to decide. How long would you wait -- if you think it would be totally worth it?


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  • If he had to take time to think he clearly doesn't want back in. Right now he is all about banging other people. Stay single for a while and have fun.

    • Do you really think so? Like even if there was a chance?

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    • Last thing, should I bother even telling him that I'm not waiting?

    • No. Dude have some dignity!!

  • I usually don't contact my exes after we break up. However, it really depends on if you had a bad breakup or not. Usually with bad breakups you don't usually talk to the person ever again. With people you break more evenly with, it tends to be a neutral friendship.

    I don't usually even try for a second go with someone I've already dated because and it feels weird to even be around them for me. If you want to try it again, just keep in mind that things in your relationship will probably not be the same as the first time. You also have to remember how you broke up: was it on good terms or was it bad? That can also factor into how he's feeling and how the second time relationship will be. Just be cautious and take things slowly if you try it out again.

    Hope this helped.


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