I have a girlfriend who moved away so we decided for a long distant relationship and want to be with her?

She has been gone for four mouths and she is deciding to move back this summer and I kinda have gotten bored with the constant skyping or texting. It's not the same as in person. But she thinks so. And I haven't texted back in a couple weeks because I have been stuck all day skyping and I wanted to do something. But know she thinks we broke up but I don't want that and she keeps asking me what's wrong and I don't know what to say. I can't tell her the skyping not as fun as being with her because she will think it's her fault. I want to be with her but I don't know what to do
She is moving back to my town soon and I will be able to see her again and I truly love her. I just can't think straight


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  • If your feelings for her are real then you need to tell her the truth. You can't just keep things from her just because she doesn't live near you anymore. If you're bored with the slumping and talking to her, then you need to inform her and move on. No one wants to hear that, but sometimes we are out in positions we don't necessarily like. Whatever you do, it's not okay to ignore her and make her think you guys aren't together. Talk it out with her and I'm sure she will understand


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  • Jeez dude, don't blow her off, it's going to hurt her a lot less if you tell her you don't want to Skype then just go completely dark on her. Tell her you want to Skype nude, I'm not kidding, that's what my buddy does when his wife is on her business trips. They seem to like it.


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  • you seem to like her and she seems to be really fond of you, try to invest in your relationship, the distance is on you two not just her. Just be patient and eventually you won't regret it!


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