Girls and Guys: My ex won't leave me alone after 2 years... what do I do?

*Note: This is an extremely long explanation
So, I dated this guy (I don't know if you could call it dating or not, it wasn't very formal in the ways of dating) and I broke up with him roughly 2 years ago. Long story short: he was abrasive, rude and criticized me over everything including my looks, my race and my family. He also was physically abusive at some point and he told me I should have died instead of being born. Since then, he has been trying to keep in contact with me as "friends" (as he calls it). I have tried to avoid him everywhere I know he might show up, especially in the halls at school and around my neighborhood. (He lives 2 blocks away- scary, I know). However, he takes every chance (which means breaks from school) to either try to talk to me through phone and "notes" that he drops me on my doorstep which are 3 pages long, front and back, of stuff that I don't care to know about and how I should give him another chance.
Recently, he has texted me and called me repeatedly saying that he loves me and wants me back, yet, I am already in a serious relationship with another person. I am tired of him trying to keep in contact with me and walking to my house. I've told him multiple times I don't want any contact with him and I want him to leave me alone. However, it's not getting through to him no matter how nicely or rudely I say it.

So, my questions are: How do I make him leave me alone for good and what is your recommendation about what to do if he doesn't stop? Also, why is he still wanting to talk and have a relationship even though I've told him countless times no and please stop?


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  • He can't take no for an answer. Classic trait of someone who could be physically abusive to get what they want. Be careful of this guy! You need to tell him one more time that you no longer want to associate with him, and his constant attempts to regain a relationship are unwanted and have now crossed the line over to harassment. After that, contact school officials, and then call the police!

    • Thanks! I've been wanting to contact the school officials but every time they say something to him whether it's bad behavior or something, he doesn't even acknowledge their presence let alone their words. He was physically abusive. Ignoring him won't do it will it? I've tried to get other people around me to tell him to leave me alone however, that has not worked either.

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  • Dude seriously that's stalking. Tell him that, and threaten him with the police. Hopefully that works because the police don't ACTUALLY talk stalking very seriously. Hopefully he doesn't know that.

    • He doesn't ever listen to authority. Don't you have to warn them about the police before you actually call them?

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    • I have ALL the notes.

    • Okay good, I would pursue that then

  • Get a restriction order

    • I could. But then what if he stays that distance but always watches me? (which I know he would/will do)

  • Get a restraining order


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