Name the best movies - Songs - foods or games - "anything" Guys and girls help please if you think you can do this, thank you?

I just broke up with my boyfriend and my heart still broken and i invited my best friend to sleep in my house and they will come tomorrow and i really need to talk to them and have fun but i want to watch some good movies and listen to musics and cooking i really need ideas girls please help me.


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  • top movies:
    my fovirte are romance movies... you should watch meet joe black, hitch, interview with the vampire, just friends, just go with it, love actually, & the proposal...


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  • Superbad is super funny... older movie though.
    Forgetting Sarah Marshall - so funny
    Smokin Aces - action
    Wild Hearts can't be broken - old but good movie
    Cold Mountain
    Legends of the Fall - old movie with Brad Pitt
    Now and then
    Apocalypto - subtitled but awesome
    Kill Bill - action
    The Perks of Being a Wallflower


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