What did she mean by this? "Sometimes not having closure is closure."?

My girlfriend of 7 months recently left me and I don't know why. She did it over the phone after we did some shopping and I left her house to go home. It sounds like she was forced but I don't really know. Her friends know nothing and they were as shocked as I was. They all thought we were the perfect couple and she never complained about us infact the total opposite she was talking about us getting married to her friends a few days ago and moving in together. She never seemed upset or distracted. There was absolutely no tell tale signs she would of left. And the fact we always resolved issues quick and laugh about it and we didn't fight for that month. She even arranged for us to go to this couples cooking class and paid in advance. They were telling the truth I could tell and they themselves were trying to get as much answers as possible. Her friend told me that she said to tell me "not having closure is closure". I tried to talk to her and drove her but she repeatedly told me to move on and that I had to go. She was crying when she told me this and kissed my cheek. I was really confused. I told her I wasn't and that I loved her so much and was willing to fight for us but she said if I didn't leave she'd call the cops in which she did. I checked in her Facebook and IG and everything of us was deleted in the span of an hour.
Oh and she did buy ingredients so we could cook together. So I have no closure and have no clue on what's going on. This happened a week ago.


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  • Similar thing happened to me but our situation was little different. Apply NC and wait give her some space and time. In the meantime try to find out what went wrong, it can't be this abrupt there must be a reason for her to drop you like this. Find out why.


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  • Get used to it. Don't even look for a reason. Most times you won't get a reason and there isn't any.

  • That sounds like a cop out.

    Best stop before you get slapped with a restraining order though.


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