My girlfriend dumped me and now hates me because I talked to another girl?

So a week ago my girlfriend dumped me. I'm 20 and she's 18. She said I was "smothering" her. Well I was giving her the same amount of attention as I always had, but she got her first job and had sports tournaments on the weekends, so she wasn't giving me the same amount of attention. So last Friday night I guess I made her mad, so she proceeded to ignore me the entire weekend (she told me she was) so I freaked out, but I only called her once, and texted her maybe 3 times on Saturday and Sunday each without her texting back. So on Sunday she dumped me. The first 3 days were horrible. After that she started talking to me again but made no mention of her still liking me or wanting to get back together. Last night I had some drinks, I tweeted at this girl (something along the lines of: "hey I like what I see, get back at me.") My ex saw this and flipped out. This girl didn't even reply or acknowledge me, I really didn't even know her. I tried to say sorry but my ex wouldn't have it. my ex told me how much she likes me and said "I thought you liked me too but I guess not." I felt bad about even doing it. I tried to tell her how much she meant to me and that the girl I tweeted didn't mean anything. I kept saying sorry and told her I loved her and she would only say "No you don't" etc etc. My problem is SHE broke up with me. That really hurt me. SHE left me, SHE pushed me away, HER, not me. I can say a lot more, but I'm not going to yet. I've talked to my friends and my mom and they all say I really didn't do anything wrong, me and my ex have not been together since last Sunday, and if we were still together I sure as hell wouldn't have done this. I need some opinions please. And don't just say "you're an asshole" I've been hurt by a lot of girls before.
Thank you guys so much for answering, everyone confirmed what I thought: that's she immature, selfish and trying to play me. I already cut ties, I'm moving on. Thank you all


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  • You shouldn't have apologized, you should have said you broke up with me a week ago whatever I do is my business not yours, obviously it's you that doesn't love me if you dumped me.

    She is trying to give herself space while keeping you tethered like a dog in her yard ready for when she feels like getting back together which isn't fair to you. You are single you shouldn't be yelled at for not sitting patiently hoping for her to get back together with you


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  • I wouldn't stress about it too much. You were broken up, and you didn't know if you'd be getting back together, so you acted like a single guy (which you are). I don't see anything wrong with what you did. The problem lies if you were trying to get her back. That wasn't the way to go about it, and you'll probably have to let that idea go now. However, there was no guarantee she would've taken you back anyway, and that her reaction isn't just out of jealousy.

  • Not only is she not over you, she is also not very mature.

    That'd childish behavior right there. You are definitely not an asshole. What's wrong with hitting on someone when you're SINGLE? This is her ego flaring up here. She doesn't like the fact that you acted like you got over her so soon. I mean, yes it will hurt but that doesn't give her any right to act the way she did.

    You should just cut ties and run for the hills.

  • Obviously she is not over you since she gets jealous if you talk to other girls and she is basically trying to stop you from getting with any other girl apart from her, if i were you i would just say "oi i thought you don't love me anymore so stop getting bitchy at me for talking to other girls you possessive twat, if you don't want to be with me then why do you stop me from talking to other girls?" Ok that may be a bit harsh but i would say that, she doesn't deserve you you deserve better than her. I may not be much help but thats what i think.


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  • You didn't even had to argue with her about it. You yaid yourself that she left you, so either she will make up her mind what and WHO she wants and quickly or just dump her once and for all and continue your life, without wasting time on her.


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