We broke up three days ago, but why won't he come get his things?

His bm keeps sending pics to his phone of her newborn baby that's not his, and I think its disrespectful, but he doesn't. so I broke it off since he refuses to set boundaries with her.


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  • He's probably still in love with you and as long as you have his stuff he's still got an excuse to come and see you so if you are truly done you have to pack his crap and bring to him cause he won't come to get believe me I've been there and done that

    • Its so aggravating, and we work together. I haven't seen or heard from him since I told him to leave.

    • Everything that he owns is here. all of his clothes and video games, I mean everything.

    • Like I said he will leave it all there and start over but in time he will start talking to you again

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