He deleted all of our pics together and i'm a little hurt?

I know he is my ex we have been broken up for a while now. i have been doing well i got back into touch with an old friend and we want to try things. we never got that chance back then because he moved away and we lost contact for 12 years. he's back and i'm happy, but there is still some love there for my ex. i was with him for 1 year and i still miss him but i'm happy with my new guy. i was on my ex's instagram today and noticed he finally took down maybe hundreds of our pics. i have told him to get rid of them but he always told me no. today he finally did it and i'm actually surprised and a little hurt by it. it's like he's erasing the memories and forgetting me all together. i know i don't have the right and i don't even know if this is normal. i asked him to get rid of it all and now that he did it it shocked and hurt. is it normal? will it go away. i feel dumb and stupid for feeling like this when i asked him anyways. i went to his instagram i guess to see whats going on and i noticed he posted something saying his dad died and i was shocked and my heart ached for him because his dad meant so much to him. but anyways will i get over it? i don't want to loose what i have with my new guy because i like him A LOT and it was him who made me happy again and i didn't miss my ex so bad anymore. but now i feel like its all coming back and i don't want it too.


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  • Its normal when people go through a break up. Also just ignore it and have a beer or two


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  • well it's normal because you have tot think about a new guy and may be your ex want to move on on his LIFE so he has deleted all memories and you have no right's now. Even you moved on in your life with a new guy.
    before this you must have thought what your ex might be feeling for you as you are dating a new guy think of this. he must have hurt too this hurt's more then he deleted your pic anyway's think twice about what you do before judging other's :)

  • Its normal but don't forget he only deleted the pictures in his Instagram. He still keeps them perhaps in his personal archive.

  • I would think that is normal


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