Breakingup-are you already 100% over?

when you break up with someone (more boy breaking up with girl) are you already 100% over them by the time you break up with them?

my byfriend broke up with me 2 weeks ago, the week before he was like 'i want you to sleep over every week' then the week after he's like lol soz lets break up. then he started crying
im so confused


Most Helpful Guy

  • Breakups are always hard, and its never fun, no matter how much things might not be working. That's a lot of why people often put up with more than they should before breaking up with someone.

    • like they sort themselves out before talking to their partner?

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    • Most likely, tears are something not too many guys can fake. Normally we don't understand our own emotions really well, so imitating ones we don't feel is like instantly learning a foreign language.

    • fair point, thanks for your help :)

Most Helpful Girl

  • That's a really common practice, but I don't do it. As soon as it's clear the relationship won't thrive much longer, I'm out. I would feel too guilty slowly getting over someone while they thought everything was fine just to make it easier on myself.

    • fair point. just confused as to why my boyfriend suddently changed his mind

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    • Don't do it. He's wasted enough of your time. You don't owe him anything and if his feelings are hurt then... QQ too bad.

    • good point, thanks for your help!

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What Guys Said 3

  • When I break up with someone, it tends to be a long drawn out process and by the time it's official, I'm already over it. Last girlfriend I broke up with took a few days of nuisances until I finally couldn't take it anymore and when I brought it up, I was already done with her mentally. I had a dating profile up that night and had already moved on.

  • Well the girls i dated i had hard time getting over them. I cried over both girls real tears but what can i say it really does suck big time

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What Girls Said 3

  • No definitely not. It takes me a long time to fully get over someone. I wish I had the ability to turn off all emotions and feelings when we break up but that's not realistic

    • same hahaha i wish we could do that

  • No I tend to do it spur of the moment when I am hurt and then I regret it lmaooo

  • It makes no sense why he would break up with you and cry
    He seems weird

    • thats what everyones saying hahha

    • You don't deserve that. Seems like some like of plot for you to feel bad

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