How long should I leave a guy after he's been dumped?

I was recently on a cruise, and i met this guy who is amazing. I started crushing on him more and more once i started talking to him. I had gotten his number the last night of the cruise, and i "sang" a song to him. It was "Your Song" from Elton John, and he was almost in tears when he said "That was beautiful." then later on that night i was telling him how i know he has a girlfriend at home, and i shouldn't've sung him that song, but he said that his girlfriend has been really annoying and that i'm on top of the list at the moment. So I assumed that he'd dump his girlfriend a week or two when he got home. Well, i was very, very wrong about that. I had written him a love song, and i sent it to him, and i had him listen to all the songs that i wrote about him which i think wasn't anymore than 1 or 2. His girlfriend got skeptical i guess (i don't know the whole story) and his girlfriend dumped him. He said I was the reason 2 or 3 days ago, and he would be blocking my number but only for a few days. I don't know how long to leave him be with him and his thoughts. Can i get some advice? Thanks!
Can i please get some guys in on this too?
lemme rephrase the question. "How long should i leave a guy alone after he's been dumped?"


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  • sounds like he played you to be honest like if u were the rebound incase his girl at home wasn't gona be with him no more than he would go to u. like the guy on the bottom said, he's not worth it/faithful. answer my questions pls. its really easy


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  • Im not trying to be an asshole but this guy is a lying prick, he said he would dump his gf and he didn't then says you are the reason she left him and he's blocking your number? ditch this guy, he's not worth it

    • He didn't really say he'd break up with his girlfriend, i just assumed he would.

  • Did you do the Aloe Blacc version?


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  • When a guy tells you that he is blocking your number for a few days because his gf supposedly broke up, he is lying to you. He is either still with her or they are fighting and he is trying to work it out with her. You would be a fool to pursue him. Even if they did break up, if he cheated on her with you then he will cheat on you with someone else.

  • Lol why are you still after this guy who is being an asshole to not only you but his gf too?

    • i don't know why i still like him, but he said just to give him a few days and i'm wondering how long to leave him be after a break-up.

    • They aren't broke up. He is lying to you. He will talk to you again when he is done kissing her butt because he has her right where he wants her.

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