What was the worst break up you had? And the worst break up you did?

As the title says but...

What did you do when that person brokeup with you like that?

But what were the reasons you broke up with that person in such a way?


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  • I have a lot of health problems, mostly heart related, that gets pretty serious. I've always been a nice guy, put other's feelings before mine, never did anything to hurt a girl in a relationship. But after dating this girl for 9 months, she broke up with me because my health was "too hard to handle." I was in and out of the hospital during this time and actually got told I may only have 3 months to live. When I told her this news... that's when she suddenly broke up with me. It caught me so off guard and left me heartbroken at a point I really needed support. The one person I thought would be there to support me left me out of nowhere and that was that. Talk about a shitty break up... am I right?

    • WTH! Damn her! Well its better not to waste time on girls like that! Sure is a shitty break up!

    • Wow! Your ex was a bitch! You're better off without her! I hope that you are doing better (emotionally and health-wise).

    • I'm a lot better now! It was 3 years ago so I moved on. Lol I just learned that I was better off supporting myself rather than be with someone who drags me down. The only good thing about break ups is that you learn from them. Yea it was shitty... but I definitely learned a lot from it, both about myself and the type of girl I like. :) She was a bitch though... no doubting that. Lol

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  • Girl I dated for a year broke up with me over a text. And the worst I did was the same girl who I had gotten back together with over the summer was dumped by me over a phone call while I was in Austin Texas boom!

    • Way to go! Though being a girl I support you for what she did! LOL!

  • Never had a gf so none been rejected by my crush once but i'm too shy to say anything i just really liked her so i finally said something. But i got shot down so that basically killed me. I never ask anyone because i'm ugly and insecure

    • Just because your first crush turned you down doesn't mean you loose your confidence... the way to make other people love you is if you love yourself! I was in the same situation with my first crush though it was more worse where he played with me!

      DON'T ever say you'r ugly! You maybe to some but not to all! And you can't have everyone love you thats just imposible, cause if you can then you will be the god!


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  • I guess the worst breakup was me sending a text or voicemail, i can't remember which, saying what an asshole he was for not wanting to talk to me about stuff and try to work through stuff. Never heard from him. Then he tried to get back together with me 5 months later. Fuck that.

    • Guys! Some of them realise only what they lost after moths! Hope you didnot get back with him! :)

  • The worst break up, was when my ex was leaving for Afghanistan. He needed to get his watch he left at my place and wanted to say good bye, so we decided to meet half way (he lived an hour away from me). He stood me. After waiting for 2 hours, several calls and texts later, he finally texts me that he has a thing and to stop bothering him. Needless to say I told him I was done and that was that.

    • Wow! what a jerk!

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    • LOL! My bad got you wrongly! Well you deserve better than that! ;)

    • Yeah I know. Thanks. ^^

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