Am I depressed, or am I just being strong? What can I do?

I've posted a thread not to long ago about my "EX" Girlfriend lying to me, and ended up taking people's advice in leaving her because it seems like she didn't care for my relationship...

So practically, I've pushed her away, and told her to have a good life. I was mostly angry, sad, and disappointed all bunched together. There was no clear closure to our "Break-up" but I'm guessing it's considered a break up because we haven't talked for almost 3-4 weeks since we talked. There has been a few drawbacks and signals that she is still there. For instance, she put her default picture on social networks of a gift I gave her nieces long time ago, and she nicknamed me after that same plush I gave her. She also tried friending me, but decided to unfriend me.

The real issue is, that I am having a really hard time trying to move on, yea, I did love this girl because she was my first honest serious relationship. Although after the break-up I haven't felt any remorse over it, and I'm guessing it's due to disappointment and hurt. Some things I did realize is that I tend to eat much more (maybe depression?) but I am not lacking motivation (been going to the gym lately)... Another factor is that I tend to have dreams about this girl, and she wasn't the last person on my mind. I don't know what I'm going through, but I feel like it's going to affect me in the long run. I need help.. Please guide me!

P. S. Sorry for my grammar and writing everything everywhere I just can't clearly think straight :/... THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!


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  • Don't worry about it. It's perfectly normal to feel like way after a breakup. Kind of conflicted, right? Like maybe I didn't make the right decision? Its okay. It's perfectly understandable. Sometimes all you need is a push in the right direction. You had a long and serious relationship with this girl, but it's definitely over. You'll get closure when you are both ready for it. But right now, it would just bring a lot of unnecessary heartbreak for both of you. You don't exactly have 'diagnosable' mental depression, which should be a huge relief lol You'll get through this. It's hard now, but soon you'll find someone better who is worth all of this struggle. You deserve to be happy even when you think you don't. She'll move on and right now she's just playing with your head. She's posting those things so you'll see them. You have been looking at her wall since you said she wasn't your friend.. I'd stop that... It's just going to hurt you more and leave you asking questions. Just remember why you broke up with them and why its good for the long run that you did break up with them. It'll all get better. Don't worry

    • Thank you very much, your words are truly comforting.
      In a reply to you, I guess I am just kind of confused about it all, and I mean I am the one who practically ended it. I guess my mind is at war with my heart. My heart just got left behind all the process because it was temporary "dead" you could say. I just hope it all gets better soon so it won't effect me in the long run.
      Well not necessarily have i've kept in track with her wall, it's just the random request makes me go to her wall it's just something I got myself used to like a muscle memory.

      But I will take your advice and just look forward and constantly remind myself why it didn't work out.. THANK YOU

    • You're welcome. I wish you luck and know you'll get through this. You'll only be stronger in the end, right? Don't worry it gets easier with time. Your heart isn't always right. Sometimes your mind has to take charge in order to keep your heart from getting more damaged. Your 'muscle memory' should go away with time, too :) keep your head up!

    • Thank you very much! my confusion and sadness also comes from the feeling of loneliness I guess I is starting to effect me? lol

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  • Hah. Welcome to your first proper break up. You will be fine. Give it time and patience. Maybe try to see someone else if your ready.

    • I guess it was my proper break up, since it's been the first relationship in a decade.
      well I tried talking to a few new girls, but they just end up backing away... It's like they lead me on and then decide to stay single... and it just angers me lol... but there are a few that are interested in me, I guess I just need time for myself first.

    • Well thats good too. Just know that what your feeling is normal and that you will get over it eventually. Time is a good healer.

    • Wish time can come by faster haha!

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