So am I right or wrong? opinions?

okay so everytime my ex talks to me or someones talks to him about me he always and it never fails to put a status on Facebook or instagram about how amazing his new girlfriends is or how she soo beautiful and if we dont talk or no one says anything to him he doesn't put anything i even tested my theory out today and won a beat so what does that mean is he trying to prove to himself he doesn't miss me cause i feel like that is what it is
so does anyone else have an opinon about this i would really like to know?
okay so i got one opinion but i would like more soooo anyone?


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  • he wants to burn you. make you feel jealous, make you feel guilty for breaking up with him. so he shows off with his new ladies. dont feel hurt with such things.

    dont think you are not beautiful enough to hold a guy. some girls like to steal others guys, some guys just like to keep girl until sex, those who keep changing girls from time to time are just female abusers, want to use them and dump them.

    try to make your career in this time of life, because once you become successful, every nice guy will chase you. you won't have to worry about this stuff.

    • lol well I model and travel all of because I am a model and stage dancer for a music group so I'm not worried about that part and yes it hurts but by no means am i jealous so i just mainly wanted to know if i was right thanks for the opinion

    • then i hope a nice guy who would really care for you catches you. lol

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