When guys get caught cheating what goes through your head? Are you thinking about her or just thinking about how you got caught?

I often wonder how you feel since women are hurting during that time.


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  • Well, I think you need to determine first the reason for the guy cheating... I cheated in the past not because I was arrogant or self seeking but simply because I was being hurt. I tried to alleviate my pain by looking for happiness in the wrong places. I now would never place myself in a situation to be hurt like I was hurt. I think if you are talking about a self seeking cheater then they really don't care. They are fulfilling their needs plain and simple...

    • Wow I like your response!!! Personally I'm known as the female that has it going on and just was seeking happiness with someone that honestly was my friend before anything. I tried asking he said he has nothing to say to me so I don't know why he cheated on me.

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    • He wanted you, he just wanted something else also. We are people all with different needs and desires. Don't allow his shortfalls to hurt your morals or take away your happiness... Good luck...

    • Wow I sure can't tell

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