How do I get over breaking it off with my friends with benefits when the sex is so good?

I decided to break things off with my fwb. One reason I know seeing him was not right. He is in a sexless marriage. I was developing feelings for him and the sex was so hot. I know I made the right decision. But I am worried that he will contact me and I will cave. I dont need any lectures... I know it was wrong. I just want to know how I get over it.


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  • You are hooked to that what is exciting and bad for you. Even though this makes you temporarily high on dopamine, it will lead you to sadness and loneliness in the long run. You already know what it is you must do and how to do it. The question is, will you?


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  • don't call have him come over get naked and make love to him like you never made love to anyone in your life and tell him you will always be his sex toy

    • I dont think that will help... even though it sounds tempting.

    • try it might be good for the both of you that can lead you love

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  • I love how all these men cheating claim to have a sexless marriage, lol, it might be true sometimes but I hear it all the time - can't be true so many married men aren't getting any at home. Women naturally attach feelings to sex and so you had to distance yourself from him if you feel he doesn't feel the same way. It is the right thing, for you, long term. Unless you can handle seeing him and dating other men.

    • I plan on cutting all contact off with him. You would be surprised how many women my age has cut their husbands off from sex. I am hearing this from the women... not the men. They have just lost their sex drive... and a lot of them... dont care. Thank you for your comment.

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    • He says right now he can't because he has two boys.

    • Well God willing you can find someone who is not married to be happy with.

  • block his number.. and keep your distances from him


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