Help... why did my ex start texting me again?

I received a text from my ex on Saturday thanking me for sending his daughter a graduation card with money. He texted me again stating he had driven by my work and noticed my car had some rust on it and suggested I get it taken care of. On to yesterday. I passed him on the road, he honked and we waved. Well apparently he did not see me wave and texted to ask if "I'm too good to wave to him"? Ugh... should I take the texts as just being friendly or are they something more? I know he is really the only one who knows, but as men, why would you be texting those things to your ex? Thanks in advance.


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  • He wants something. While I would give anything to have a cordial interaction with my ex. I would never go out of my way to start the interaction. Unless I needed something like cooperation. Most likely he wants to relieve himself at your expense.

    • Unless you needed something like cooperation? Not sure what you mean. But, I'm under the impression that he's seeing someone... so wouldn't SHE be helping him to relieve himself? Idk. Thanks for responding... I miss my best friend!!! :(

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    • Your comments lead me to believe you want to reconnect, that's all...

    • You are correct. I don't think that will happen though.

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  • He misses you!
    The End
    or is it?
    Does he miss living with you

    • I'm sure he does miss me. We were together a very long time. I don't know what he's doing... ugh!! Thanks for responding.

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    • Some gals don't fill up the tank full, so until he finds the total package, he assembles a full package from a couple/few gals. B/c he comes back you = you have qualities the other gals can't fill but there's something more than what you have he'd like to fill as well, so MIGHT BE shopping among other gals as you suspect... but I was ready into it (b/c have no facts) that he was drifting back to you b/c the shopping out there is dismal - perhaps he's thinking his shopping list can't be filled in this real world, so you are the pick of the litter?

    • That's it, islands7... the shopping is dismal on both ends. I AM the pick of the litter... it's unfortunate that he discovered that AFTER he left me go. He will NEVER find a woman that treated him as well as I did. All I asked of him was for us to go to counseling... nope... that wasn't happening. I really do appreciate your responses. I look forward to seeing how people will respond to my questions. Good luck!!

  • Apparently I'm weird and I'm friends with my exes. For me it'd mean nothing. I'm just trying to be friendly and hope they don't take it the wrong way.

    • Well... I have made it VERY clear, we cannot be friends. Too much history. So, does that change your answer?

    • Oh you should still assume he wants to sleep with you. It's just not that simply all the time.

    • Hmmm... ok... so if that's the case, why isn't he trying to see me in person? Idk...

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  • i kind of sounds like he wants to reconect with you. Bring you back into his liFe.

    • Idk... I would love for that to be the case, but I'm doubting it. Thanks for your response.

  • he's missing you

    • Out of what I wrote, how do you get that he's missing me? I'm just curious. I do appreciate your responses.

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    • Oh... well... he has randomly texted me since I moved out... I'm certain he misses me to some extent, but not to the point of trying to reconcile. Thanks for your response.

    • okay babe

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