Guy have you ever broken up with a girl you loved thinking it is better for you but then felt so sad when you heard she is getting engaged?

The question above said it all , so tell us how did you feel when you heard the news? And have you though about the memories between you guys?


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  • I was quite happy for her, felt sad of course but i just lacked time for the relationship.

    I was a student worker and only at weekends i had time for her, she was just studying and when exams appeared...

    It was the best option, we still talk and there is no hard feelings, a year and a half after (now) am falling for a girl and is 5 stars and she is in a happy relationship.

    • But have your ever had a serious relationship toghether? or very strong feelings?

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  • That happened to my recent ex-boyfriend. *we just officially ended things last night*
    His situation is very unique...
    He and his girlfriend had been together for about a year when the war separated them. They had no choice but to break up. As if that wasn't heartbreaking enough, she apparently gave her virginity to another guy while she had been in a relationship with him for A YEAR. smh, so dirty. About 6 months into our relationship, he found out that she is now married with a baby. I'm pretty sure it would have hurt a lot more had he not had a loyal, loving girlfriend who wasn't a cheater to give him companionship.

    So in conclusion: it will hurt if he never fully got over her and still had some hope that they would get back together. However, if she did him wrong and was guilty of sleazy, low down dirty actions that hurt him, he's less likely to really care.

    • Yes of course

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    • Do u see how much irresponsible he is? He told me mmm you may find someone else better than me, and then kept asking my brother about it? , he did the same thing to our relation , anyway sorry that i gave u missing information at first , thnks

    • Well darling, I hate to say it, but you can't expect a boy to conduct himself like a man. He's obviously got some growing up to do. He clearly doesn't handle himself in a mature, reasonable manner and doesn't comprehend how to diffuse painfully dramatic situations. You can't allow yourself to get stressed out because this individual does not possess the skill to handle these situations smoothly.
      I think you were both wrong, although you never would have been wrong had he conducted himself with tact and decency all along. Just sayin.

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  • never happened to me but wow that would major suck:p I don't want to imagine it

  • I do some stupid things but I don't think I would do something that dumb!

  • been there. worst feeling in the world. didn't eat or sleep for 3 days, nearly ended up in the ER..


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