Need great advice and experience about break ups!!

My ex and I were on and off for About 4 years. I was too stupid to realize everything she was for me. The first 2 years we're great and we were beyond happy but after a while I constantly pushed her away and took her love for granted. I loved this girl to death and she meant the world to me. She is already with another guy now. I regret every single minute how I should have gave her the world every single day. I don't think I will ever find love again or find anyone who compares to her. She was the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. I hate living with regret that she could still be with me and we could be happy together if I would have just been the boyfriend I was when she first fell in love with me. I won't ever find a girl like her again. I just want some advice or anything to help me with this. I'm miserable.


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  • You shouldn't live blaming yourself for something you can't change now. It's good that you realized you made a mistake, but rather than dwelling on it, use it in your next relationship. When you feel yourself taking your girl for granted, just remind yourself that that isn't what you want to do. Everyone messes up sometimes. It just wasn't meant to be then. You'll find someone a lot better someday and you'll be thankful you and this girl broke up. It's hard to live with something you regret, but rather than let it diminish your self-respect or your outlook as to who you are, you should make it so you know you did something wrong, but you won't let it happen again. Even if it does happen again, you'll keep learning. People learn by trial and error. It's okay. It all finds a way of working out :)


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