He hurt me but I can't get over him?

I can't stop thinking about him and he hurt me a lot even though we didn't date and I'm pretty sure he liked me too. But it's been forever and i can't get over him and with the summer coming up i just want to see him.


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  • How did he hurt you? If he liked you too, what is preventing you from messaging him again, or calling him?

    It looks like your emotions are fairly deep even though you didn't date?

    • He would like ignore me on purpose, but I could tell that he liked me plus other people have told me so. I won't message him because he'll ignore me or even embarrass me. I don't trust him.

    • Haha, funny you say that, because I just myself got out of this "no-dating but I know she liked me" relationship... Only reason I left was because I realized she wasn't serious about the relationship. And the only times I ignored her were because I wanted to play her own damn game and get her more interested in me.
      So, I would offer you think about why the relationship ended, and message him with the exactly opposite message. So I personally had to cut it short with her because I saw she wasn't serious about the relationship, with the way she treated me and the little respect she gave me. Or so I thought. So in this case if that girl were to message me with something sweet, saying that she misses me, and didn't mean anything she did in the past, I would seriously consider getting back with her. The longer she doesn't text, the more I think she doesn't give a shit, solidifying my original view of her. Hope that helped, my comment limit is about to expire.

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  • you sound like me.
    here's my advice.
    whatever he did to hurt you, if you know he did or did not do it intentionally, then you should confront him and ask him why. don't sit around and just think of him.
    walk up to him, look him in the eyes, have some confidence and ask him simply: "Why did you hurt me?" explain to him how you felt and if your feelings are not reciprocated, then you know that it's time to get over him.


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