If you just dumped your gf eho reslly wants to be with you to be with a new girl and than find out she's leaving for 2 weeks? What would you do?

So my ex has been back and forth on me and this new girl he met he says he doesn't want to hurt either one of us.. recently he's been spending time with her today he told me he wanted to talk to me... but just right now his new girl msgd him that she's going to be gone for 2 weeks... my bff told me he was a little upset.. I hope he really thinks what he wants because what if he leaves me for her and to find out he made a mistake.. during the time she's gone shld I try to use this as my opportunity to pursue him? If you'll were him what would you'll do? What wld go through your head?


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  • Who cares about him, he clearly doesn't feel the same as you. Cut him loose and move on.

    • He says he wants to be friends but Everytime we are together I can see he tries to hold back his feelings... he's told me I've really hurt him... when we see each other we end up hugging tightly and he's kissed me before

    • That doesn't matter. At the end of the day he's seeing another girl as well. Even if he has feelings they clearly aren't strong enough to stay away from her.

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