Girls, have you ever been afraid of messaging a guy you originally rejected?

Have you ever regretted your decision to leave your ex boyfriend, but were too afraid to message him and try to get him back for fear of rejection?
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  • I've went through that a couple times, I've been afraid to ask again so I NVR did even tho there was a possibility he still liked me but then I have asked one out again and regreted doing that


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  • I've rejected a guy and I sort of got closer to him as friends, I wanted to know him better was why I rejected him. But it wasn't nerve racking or anything, but we've been friends for a year or so.

  • I missed my ex boyfriend, but I didn't stop talking to him due to fear but rather practicality. I wanted him to change his attitude and behavior towards me, but he wasn't going to. So I didn't message him for fear of getting my hopes up and having him let me down again.
    It all worked out in the end, though. No contact helped me to move on.

  • It's going to b my job 2 give massages so I kinda got over it


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