What would you do if you still loved and dreamed of your ex?

Think about the past, now think that the past IS the PAST. People dont change, we grow up. With that saying, how do people not see that as a change. With all this in congruent, when you wake up and think of your ex. And smile every time you see their face or hear their voice. And all you want is not a second chance, but a new start. 1) is a new start possible? 2) what would you do? Leave it alone move on? Or do tasks that would win/rekindle the old fire and burn it to new limits? 3) how would you do it? What act would make this all memorable and not just an ex who can't get over it.
  • Rekindle the fire, and burn it new?
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  • Couples get back together all the time, depends on the people situation etc. But you can't be focused on being with this person. You have to find your own happiness first before you can be happy in a relationship. Then over just be up front with your ex and tell them how you feel for them still. Sometimes a couple need to break up and fall back together to realise exactley what it was they had in the first place.


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  • That's how I am now. I miss him and I see him everyday but I can't do it again. He hurt me really badly and unless he apologises, I refuse to allow myself more pain.

  • Find someone new. They're your ex for a reason


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