How can I go about this? I wanna confront this it's been holding me back. I want answers!

He's into younger women, that's fine I'll be honest some are alright but, I'm not insecure I can hold my own I think. I'm not really into younger guys, I don't know
I always liked a mature kind of man with a playful side.
Ugh, I don't get the attention he shows me. All across the board he continuously point out my flaws, we are oppisite he's not attracted. The one thing he likes is my personality but not enough to date me or be seen with me cause, I don't fit in to his social circle. But secretly want to have sex with me!. Makes out to be friendly and likes me just not enough to actually tell me is this some sought of technique you guys use? Like built a women hopes up, break her down emotionally make her believe you care when you really don't. The only thing he's ever been consistent is his attention towards me. Also his ability to pretend. I really don't know what to think of this. I allowed it for two years.. he even likes two of my friends, but I believe he's speaking to one kinda and he doesn't want me to know, but I found out. He's been lien and manipulating, and using me this whole time but, I don't know why. I don't get it. it's like if you don't like someone you stay away. but instead it's like he's trying to break my spirits, emotionally from the inside out. I thought we were more that that. I'm at a point I can't even look at him, it's like if you didn't want me around, then why go through all this trouble. Do understand I don't like being mentally abused, I think I stayed around as long as I have, well one I didn't figure it out till recently, and two, I guess I was looking for the answer as to how, why, and what have I done? I wanted a clue? But, I'm at the point, I don't want know answers or any apologies just to vanish from each other life if that what's it's gonna take to stop the abuse. How would you approach a situation, that's made out to not look like a situation. it's like a lot of this goes unsaid, and we both pretend the tension don't exist


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  • You do like being mentally abused, other wise you wouldn't put up with it. If you truly want it over, you say "I don't like how you treat me, and I don't want you in my life anymore. I don't wish to be friends with you, nor do I want to speak to you":

    • No, I don't like being mentally abused, besides it started getting bad recently. .. and unlike everyone else I understand we have issues, now in this particular case. .. I know it's time!

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