What should I do? Should I continue no contact?

I had no contact with her 3 weeks but yesterday i was hanging out with my ex's friends because they are my friends too. She was with them and they came in to my car and we was riding around and i was ignoring her and being rude.

She wanted to talk with me and we talked. About her behavior and mistakes and how i dont want nothing to do with her. After that i heard by her sister that she went home and went straight to the bed and today didn't wanted to go out. She texted me and said delete all my pictures from my phone.

I kinda feel bad and want to text her but she has said and has showed she doesn't care about me and doesn't even like me. I think she is playing games. Should i continue no contact?


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  • Apologize to her and don't break it to her gently if you have no means of going back. We girls prefer the "ripped me hard" thing. Easier to move on. Spit it out if you don't like her then stop making any contacts. She'll move on eventually.


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  • I think you should text her and apologize for your behavior. You even said, 'I was ignoring her and being rude.' For that reason you need to apologize. You certainly hurt her if she went home went to bed and asked you to delete your pictures.


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  • Yes apologize then tell her like it is so she can move on. One last thoughtful text won't hurt.


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