Why the hate from my exgirlfriend?

My ex girlfriend, who ended our relationship about 6 months ago, has recently started being hateful to me. I started texting her again about 1 month ago and everything was casual conversation. I did end up texting that I still had feelings for her still and wished to try again if she was willing. She said her feelings haven't change to get back together. She then called me and told me we could be friends. I said ok. A couple days later I decided that wouldn't be good for me since I still have feelings for her. I texted her saying I couldn't be friends, but would like to keep everything professional since we work together. She immediately called me all mad and threatening me saying what's my problem. She said we can be friends that talk, friends that go to movies, or just aquaintences. I explained aquaintences would be better for me. She has then been extremely hateful at work to me, going out of her way to do so. Is she just trying to get me out of her life or upset I don't want to talk to her and she still has some feelings for me?


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  • You have in some way offended her or hurt her feelings. The only time I get pissed off at a man is if he's done something which I feel is selfish or uncaring.


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  • her feelings are probably just hurt. she might be offended/thinking you're not into her anymore and tried to let her down easy. thats a complicated situation to be in and everyone will act differently jus keep being really nice towards her. kill her with kindness.

  • I doubt she still has feelings for you. She's willing to be your friend but that's it. If she weren't then she probably wouldn't even offer that. She's most likely frustrated by you and your feelings and wants you out of her life, if you can't accept just being friends with her.


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