Did she cheat, or am I thinking too much?

Ok so i broke up with my now ex about 2 weeks back. We broke up on the grounds off she is currently taking an apprenticeship to be a chef the
Details are a bore but i feel theyre relevant... basically she said we were spending too much time together and her work is suffering because of it so to be fair after. much thought we decided to end it i knew how much this means to her its regarding her future after all so i want whats best for her so it ended. But she did most of the inviting me over hers and whatnot

My problem is that since. splitting she hasn't changed one bit from what i can see so i dont know how i could be a problem to her and work i even suggested only seeing her on the weekends. If she had coursework and i got arsey like hey dont bother with your work i wanna go out then id understand but i didn't once in fact i supported her work from the start...

so i think the problem is me.. what did i do? Everything was going fine and she's the type that says it how it is in black and white but nope still no problems.

now she's always been the flirty type so i just thinkshes has found someone else based on the excuse/reason she gave... and how quick she was to sleep with someone else. by the way seeing my last question may help this is only my second posting btw.

So if you was in this same posistion what would your thoughts be. Need closure
She told me she loved me... and i beleived it. was i just a good fuck? Just seems she is taking the easy way out? But why it ended is my main concern. Each to their own but i just get this gnawing feeling im not getting the truth


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  • To be blunt I'd try my best to move on and stop trying to chase her. Whatever her legit reasons are don't really matter. She wanted to end it and as your other question states she started sleeping around. We all deal with shit differently and so maybe they were rebound hookups but I know when I break up the last thing on my mind is another man.
    I can't judge her though, I don't know her. What I do know is she's obviously not very genuine and she obviously doesn't care enough.

    I think when someone truly cares they would try anything to make it work. I think if she was honestly stressed or worried about her work, she'd be focusing on that alone. She'd be looking for new ways to lower her stress. She put that on you. I don't know you either, maybe you are a stressful person to be around, I don't know.

    You need closure, talk to her. Be blunt and tell her how you feel, how she's made you feel, ask her what the real problem is and what she really wants. If she can't give you straight answers you know she's playing games. That's all the closure you need to move on because I guess she's already started doing that. I'm sorry you're in this situation, I know it sucks.

    • Thanks for the reply, yeah i can see what you mean just gotta ask... im scared too but i will have
      To eventually because i can't take it no more. On my mind way too much

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  • This is something you need to talk to her about and not us. You need answers and she's the only one that can give you those answers


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  • Whatever she is doing in her personal life.. One thing i could guarantee you that she was never in to you bro.

    • But it seemed so genuine like i thought i met "the one" guess she was a good actor and i was in a delusion haha

    • May be she liked you at first but changed her mind later. Girls love little clinginess in relationship which wasn't happening and hence the love was gone already. She will probably stay with those guys who surrounds her generally. This is how girls are bro.

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