We're on a break but are communicating during it?

We've been in a pretty good relationship for almost a year and a half but recently he's decided he needs a break for one week to convince himself he still loves me and stuff. He told me he doesn't feel the same/happy right now. We tend to argue a lot but that's mostly due to his silly mistakes that he thinks won't bother me. He threatened a break a week ago but I went all the way and saw him and we made up and I thought everything was ok. Then he ditched me after asking to see ME for his friend. I was upset mostly because he ditched me but even more so because he did not apologize genuinely. Anyways, since we met up and he decided on the break, we have been texting. It's VERY casual conversation like "hi. hi. how are you." Nothing mentioned about us, love, or this break. Do you think it's at least good that he wants to check up on me that way? Or? Thoughts comments and suggestions would be very appreciated, thank you ! :)


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  • As wise as I am, and as perceptive as well, I believe he is 'taking this break' because he really doesn't want a Real Relationship just now. He is starting the 'See ME for his friend' factor, and it is a Raised Red flag that this is What he has in mind for you both when all is said and done.
    It's up to you if you want this with him. But pressuring him in any way or fighting with him, if you should decide, will not change his mind. And 'Friends with benefits' is a no-no in my book as well. That will just 'Detain' Anything ever changing, giving him his sweet cake and eating it too.
    Good luck. xx

  • He defiantly has feelings for you other wise he wouldn't bother I don't find it strange at all he still wants to talk to you


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