Would my ex liking my photos mean something?

ok I know this may seem small but let me explain a bit.

I broke up with my ex about 6 months ago. Ever since then I've been trying to talk to her every now and then with no success. Almost like talking to a brick wall sometimes and she giving me one word answers if she does reply. She even restricted her fb profile (where we're still friends but i can't see anything on her page)

About a month+ (5wks) ago I gave up trying to make it up to her, so i completely stopped contacting her or anything to do with her and start seeing/talking/dating other girls. Which was pretty obvious from my Facebook photos/wall posts. Basically going out having fun again.

Recently out of nowhere my ex randomly liked a pic i posted almost literally seconds after i posted it. Almost trying to make me notice (which i still ignored). it was just a pic of food LOL.

Which surprised me because for 6 months she never initiated any contact, or liked any fb post or anything at all to do with me. I honestly thought she became some heartless bitch, and i'm never going to hear from her ever again.

so what you guys think? is she trying to get me back again or trying to get me to talk to her again or her feelings have changed suddenly?


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  • It could go either way, I think. She may have had a change of heart and is wanting you for a friend. And may even 'Unrestrict' you down the line. Time will tell with That. You may wake up some morning and---Wah! You're back where you can 'See' everything again.
    And she may want to get back together, may have This in mind. But seems so if it were That, she has your number to text. try texting her sometime to just say "Hi," or if you are not Into doing that, just let everything be... Leave it on FB...
    Good luck. xx

  • I don't know what kinda


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