Is it possible to breakup with someone you're in love with and still remain friends?

I just broke up with my EX. Literally I love him to death. I dont think he's any good for me and we never spend time with each other. All we do is argue. As bad as I want to just block him out of my life, I still want him in my life. I just wanna remain friends. Do u think its possible?,


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  • It's nearly impossible to remain friends with someone you still have feelings for, or who still has feelings for you. One person will always want "more", and are effectively torturing themselves by being around the person they have such strong feelings for. That will make things awkward and uncomfortable, and it will either push the less-interested person away or lead to a big fight/confrontation/breakdown.

    When you break up with someone, the smart, and often ONLY workable plan is to make a clean, complete break from them so you can emotionally heal. You can be civil to them if you run into them, but you don't try to be "friends."

    • Makes A LOT of sense.. I guess whats in the past has to stay in the past. I need to stop trying to figure out ways to keep him in my life, when i need to learn that something's are better left behind.

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  • It's most definitely possible. I have done this exact thing. Just be prepared for it to take a good amount of time. Probably is advisable to keep communication to a minimum for about a year or so to let the feelings die down. Unless you want to read kindle things

  • No I won't be friends with her.
    As I would be more painful.
    At least not just after the break up , it can be okay after some years.

    • I broke up with my ex... I dont wanna be in a relationship but I dont want to block him outta my life completely. I still wanna be around him, just jot in a relationship.

    • I guess thats not ideal, huh?

    • I don't think its possible.
      As I have been in both of the cases where
      1- I used to love a girl a lot more than she loved me.
      2- The girl loved me way more than I loved her but friendship with an ex is a big problem unless you want him again.

  • Its possible but it will take a lot of hard work


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  • Sometimes its possible and sometimes its not. My ex broke up with me 3 months ago but we don't talk or anything to each other. I tried being friends with him, but then I thought my feelings for him are going to go back into my head. So I just keep my head up and walk and act like he doesn't exist. It was hard for me the first couple of days but I made it. If he's not good for you, there's someone else out there for you. My ex and I were like that too, he didn't lift a finger for me, make time for me, just made excuses. Move on with your life, its going to take time heal and it might hurt but if he isn't any good for you then he doesn't deserve you. Go out and explore and meet other people. You'll find someone that'll sweep you off your feet I promise. I think its unnecessary to be friends with an ex, cause then you have to go to school with them and you see there face everyday and all you want is for them to disappear trust me I went through it and I hated it. I'm sure there's someone out there for you, just waiting for you. All you have to do is go out there and find him.


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