Is my ex as depressed as me after the breakup?

My ex fiancée and I broke up officially on Sunday. I am moving my stuff out of his place. Yesterday I went in and it stunk badly. He left sausage out, dirty dishes every where. He had a blanket on the couch which is not normal. Then I went today to get more of my stuff it smelled as bad with at least one fruit fly in the apartment. I about gagged. How can he put up with that smell for two days? Since he's not picking up after himself which is unusual does this mean he's hurting as much as I am? Today when I went his blanket was on his chair. I have feeling he's sleeping in the living room. Which is not normal I think he doesn't want to be in our bed alone.

I am doing just the opposite. I am unpacking my stuff organizing my stuff, getting my old apartment cleaned again and re- organized. That's how I am handling my pain.


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  • maybe he is depressed too by his actions. if you need a shoulder Im following you, inbox me. I went through the same stuff..


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