Does anyone elses ex leave them Tongue tied with butterflies?

Hi everyone I'll make it quick.
I broke up with my ex and mother of my kid a year ago because she was constantly cheating. She moved on to someone else 2 months later. I've done everything I can to move on and I'm a positive person and consider myself in a good place. There's just a few things bothering me. Cause we have a kid I see her twice week to do hangovers. Even though it's a year later and I've done everything to move on, when I see her with her new bf it still hurts. My tummy ties itself in knots and I feel sick! She a horrible person and I know I'm better off without her but does this mean I still love her? Or is this a normal reaction to have when you see an ex?


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  • I feel this way around my ex if I haven't completely gotten over them

    • Yeah I kinda think I might not be over mine

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  • Let's just me and my ex broke up for the first time about a year or two ago. We are now dating again.


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