Lol I would like to know why my ex doesn't want me to be happy?

Lol this is ANNOYING
BUT MY EX is asking my friends if i am still mad we broke up... he's wants me to be sad and still mad at him... he says he hates me and all types of other stuff Lmaooo oooo then he's telling my friend we didn't do anything special and he wanted us to do something special HE BROKE UP WITH ME I AM CONFUSE I DON'T SPEAK TO THIS GUY AT ALL!!! he made rumors about me sucking d***


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  • Maybe its just a case of doesn't want you but doesn't want anyone else to want you in case you think new guy is better. Or maybe, although he doesn't want you he still wants you to want him... ego thing... dont worry about it... his problem not yours.

    • But he telling my friend he got a new girlfriend in a other school but he's still talking about me and looks at me -___-

    • And he's saying he's not mad.. he's said he's glad and laughing -___- omg

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