When is a friendship beyond saving?

My friend and I last spoke on April 7th. We had a fallout because she found out that I don't like her girlfriend. I had gone to school with the girlfriend my whole life, and she had just gotten out of a 4 year relationship with a guy. She dated a guy before then too. My friend is a true lesbian, always having dated girls. I know I was wrong, and have apologized several times, but have only received radio silence in return. Ultimately, I talked negatively about the girlfriend because I didn't want to see my friend hurt, but I ended up doing the hurting. We haven't spoken in nearly 3 months. I want to try apologizing again, but I doubt she'll respond. Should I just let it be over, or should I try to apologize one last time? I really am sorry. But then I've had friends tell me "it wasn't the friendship you thought it was. It takes two people to create a fallout this bad" what could that mean?


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  • I think you should apologise one last time and see if your friend responds. If she doesn't, you've tried your best and have done the right thing and if she's not going to accept it then you can't do much more cause it does take two people for any relationship to work or fall apart.


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