Why does he not allow me to talk about it?

My ex and I have been broken up for about 2 weeks and Everytime I wld try to talk about us he wld get angry and say I already told you I dnt want to talk about it... he feels I betrayed his trust and that's understandable but I want to work things out and he says right now we can only be friends.. he even met some new girl and supposedly she seems already suspect she said she had to leave for 2 weeks and Cldnt really say why... my bff told me.. she said he was a bit upset but still.. my bff said to make sure he knows what hr wants because he can be making a big mistake... I've offered him to get my own apt, birth control, etc just because I knew some of our issues related to that and still he tells me he doesn't want to talk about it he doesn't even let me tell him "I miss you"... overall tho in the times we've gone out after the breakup he's hugged me before and kissed me.. I don't know what to think.. I feel like he's battling with something.. what shld I do? Why does he get angry talking about "us"... I've asked him before will u miss me when im gone and he's told me yes before but he's also gotten mad talking about us... what's going on? Please help


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  • He probably feels the same way i feel today... when I've promised myself i wouldn't chase this person again because of how many times I've been hurt by her... i never listen to myself... and get hurt again... finally after getting blocked by her on Facebook I've finally felt like i can quit and move on... if she tries to contact me i will be pissed because she's basically trying to make me break my promise to myself... this might be why he's doing this... his conscience is battling against his heart... and its difficult... in fact with me.. im so fucking tired of putting myself through the same emotional rollercoaster...

    • I see what you mean yes its hard to trust they wnt hurt you again.. but im really fighting so much to win him back I've told him myself.. I've even offered to get my own place etc.. things that I wasn't ready for back than I told him im in it 100% he said its too late.. but when he starts talking about the past I see him get angry so to me it shows he still feels the hurt if he didn't care he wldnt showhhis pain.. I know you said your tired ofputting urself through the rollercoaster again but if a girl is showing you things she's never done before why not take the chance... he's told me before its to early to tell.. so I tell him exactly dnt be quick to jump into decisions take things slow. Since I work with him I know he wants space but when we r at work he tried to make me smile but how do I do that when im heartbroken... I feel like if I act everything is ok he's going to keep talking to that girl

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    • Your right sometimes space is a good thing.. im sorry your going through that as well.. give her time sometimes persistency is the key but not right now be her friend downtthe road draw her in again... dang I guess that's for me too...:/

    • Yes... that would probably be the right thing to do :^]

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  • You have to address the pink elephant in the room 1st: How did you betray his trust?

    • He one day randomly looked through my phone and saw guys txting me things like "hey beautiful" I wld text back "lol" or ":) and he said I was disrespectful to him and I went behind his back.. his roommates dnt like me because he told them I cheated on him.. my ex said I sjldve told them I had a bf.. I eventually deleted their #s but they wld once again randomly text me and my bf feels he cnt trust me.. I tell him who cares what they say at the end of the day im with you and overall you shld feel good people find your girl attractive.. but nope that was like another can of worms to open... but yeah.. I've been trying to prove to him I love him but at the moment I know he's hurt

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