Do I still have feelings for him or am I just desperate for love?

So I met this guy, and we started talking. It was a little boring at first until we met each other. We started talking everyday. Sometimes we would even stay up the whole day talking. After a few months we started dating, everything the same except we would say I love you. After 3 days he stop talking to me, texting me. I asked him what was wrong and he was ignoring me. I really didn't say anything. So I texted him this one day and said we had to break up because it seems like he didn't like me and he was ignoring me. He said he understood. After a few months after we broke up I got this dream he was at my house. My mom had a party you know just to have fun. Then we just started kissing out of know where! I'm really confused. Can you help?


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  • He does not sound like a nice guy who will be kind and loving.

    • Similar story to guys that have gotten more intimate with the competition (you never knew about); the other gal has come on strong, even perhaps sexually and will not permit his comms with other gals

    • Actually we have soccer together and he said he was too busy practicing for soccer.

    • Yeah well when a guy has a good heart, you won't be feeling uncertain or ups and downs. He will just be warm and caring and will want to do things that make you happy.

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  • Addicted to love


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  • I think he just wants to be friends with benefits


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