Girls, what's the creepiest thing you ever caught an ex boyfriend doing?

So I'm writing a comedy, at some point I need to come up with a funny montage of a guy obsessing over his ex like stalking or whatever. What are some things creepy guys do?


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  • Omg. Broke up with him and he wouldn't leave me alone and I told him to stop texting me that I'm gunna go for a run and if he blows up my phone by the time i get back I'm gunna just block his number. So I went jogging (took my phone for music) and he mustve called me twice and I ignored both and kept running. Next thing you know he's slowly creeping up behind me in mid daytime with his black car. -.- like seriously cmon man if that's not creepy I don't know what is. I saw him and literally ran a but faster to lose him but he sped up and cut me off at the corner. Fucking psycho! He wanted to talk and was following me home so I just hopped in the car and pretended to care about what he had to say. He then took us to this forest preserve and insisted on going for a nature walk, I was sooo scared... God he can be such an obsessive creep


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  • Said he would kill himself when I tried to break up with him then when I finally did he had his best friend call me and say he took a bottle of pills and jack. I called his phone from a friends number and he answers and he's perfectly fine

    • What an attention whore. That is rude.

    • I was so scared. I thought id killed somebody's son

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