Advise needed.. regarding break up?

its been a month she broke up with me after 2 years of relationship.. she said i over reacted and couldn't control myself when im angry or low. I cried in front of her over phone.. she got scared of me and it happened for the 4th time and this time she said she couldnt handle it and it is all over she can't trust men..

i tried convincing her for 2 weeks and she started talking as a friend normally.. later i sent her flowers she got pissed and said she will never come back im pushing her further away.. i said i won't bother her again as her hapiness is me to go away...

My last contact to her was 3 days ago when we had this flower fight...

later her mom called me and she is like a friend to me.. she said give her a week time to miss you.. and she will let me know after a week if she is calmed down. and my girl had a problem since childhood.. she couldnt handle reaction from her father even... she is trying to convince my girl but hse is not listening.. she said all the good stuff... which brought hope again in me..

what should i do? she put me on limited profile on facebook... and is normal. but i love her so much i can do anything for her.. but the thought is killing me.. i need her..

what should i do?


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  • You have both been in this roller coaster relationship for two years, and this Is the-------4th time you have split up. There is definitely a problem here, lack of communication, mixed vibs and just a lot of unnecessary redrick that shouldn't Be if two people really are meant to be together. And because of her 'problem childhood,' there is a good chance she is emotionally unstable. This Will cause a big Problem in Any relationship, where someone like yourself is so in love and is trying so hard, but it is not working with the Other half on the Other end, because They cannot Handle being in a Real relationship. Now she doesn't even 'Trust men,' which means You as well...
    You need to give her room to breathe. Let her mom deal with her now. There is nothing you can do at this moment. However, being her mom 'is like a friend,' you might want to discuss having her try and talk some sense into her daughter to go see a professional for some much needed guidance. I am seeing a problem here, and it needs to be addressed. Perhaps her mom can help her 'Listen.'
    For now, don't try to do anything, but Continue keeping in touch with her mom. If your girl wants to talk to you, she will, or through mom.
    As hard as it is for you watching her like this, and seeing your world crumble to the ground, all you can do is be supportive. But by you 'Needing her and loving her so much,' she is having a difficult time in dealing with this. This is the reason for the 'Flower fight.' Everything is just too overwhelming for her. She wants and needs the comfort and security with her mom only at the moment.
    I cannot guarantee she will ever come back. Perhaps if she just wants to start off as 'Friends,' it would be something. However, it's up to you if this is how you would want it to be. I do believe you're in for a long haul if you Continue. This is what I call "Unconditional love" on your part.
    Good luck, God bless... You're truly amazing. xx

    • Thank you so much...

      it really helped me alot... motivational and emotionally ..

      God Bless You too..

    • You are so welcome... xx

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  • Give her time but the good thing is that her mom is helping you. If you want to get back with her you should first control yourself and when you talk again promise her that you won't behave like you did anymore. You should let her trust you again it's not east for girls to trust guys easily but since you're her 2 years boyfriend its different. So just give her time and see what happens

  • Give her time if you keep trying to hard to get her back for example the flowers she's just thinking you think she's easy.. Just give her a little bit of space to miss you if it's ment to be she will talk to you again and something could start up.

    • Thanks...

    • You being a girl.. would memories come back and makes u miss the other person...

    • Yeah it does. You start to think of the good stuff rather then the bad. I can guarantee she is upset you guys broke up.

  • You broke up 4 times. Doesn't that tell you that you guys are not good together? Move on


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