I can't decide what I should do, I cannot get past this?

So, a friend/ex of mine has always been this huge freaking part of my life. He has officially blocked me and I'm very upset because I wish I could talk to him. It's because I always messaged him and told him how I felt. That I loved him. But you know what, I do. He's a complete jerk but I think there is more to this, as I still cannot move on and this happened four years ago, almost five.
I know I pushed him too hard, He wants nothing to do with me I reckon. Still, one thing always keeps holding me back. I cannot get over him. It's obvious right? He's always totally ticked me off and yet I refuse to move on. This could because I didn't get closure. Because he's gay, or! Yes, OR! Or, he doesn't know what he wants! All, I know... is I believe we had a beautiful friendship. I just don't understand why this friendship, had to end so badly. Is is worth repairing? Do I move on? How is possible to move on, when I feel like I cannot? Lost cause? Repair it?
I don't know. I'm so confused. Help.
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What Guys Said 1

  • If he doesn't want to talk, that is his right. It's called stalking to go any further. Whether he is right or wrong for it, is up to you in the end. Just don't get yourself into legal trouble over it. If you need some to talk to or just talk at, you can message me. Always happy to make a new friend.


What Girls Said 1

  • Your not allowing yourself to move on, I would forget about it

    • How though? I have done my best. I know it's hard, many tell me, but you can do it. Or I could contiously love him, and let time do its work?

    • Let time do its thing go out with the girls have fun being single

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