When your ex breaks up with you and you can't figure out why?

My ex broke up with me after being loving and very "into it" the months before. He told me I was so beautiful, fun, cool, we had great chemistry, he enjoyed being with me and the sex was great. I'm confused... now a few weeks later he's emailing me/calling me, feeling me out... what's up?


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  • men can be a bit, confusing at times, trust me.
    i once had a boyfriend who was the same. he broke up with me and then a week after, he was doing the same things your ex is doing right now.
    what i did, was confront him and ask him what's up with his behavior and what is he aiming at. turns out that he thought he made a mistake with the whole break up thing and wanted to get back together. so, while this might not be the same situation, it could be close. i suggest that you just ask him whats up and why he is doing this and get a straight up answer from him.
    nobody knows what's going on in a guy's head better than the guy himself.
    hope this helped.
    Tokomo :)

    • So helpful, thanks sweetie. If I told my ex that I thought he was all those things, I wouldn't want to break up with him! I feel like him dumping me was a knee jerk reaction to something, very impulsive. He's insecure and having major financial problems right now, so maybe there are things going on that he's not telling me. Unless he's playing cruel mind games with me but I don't think so...

    • glad I could help. you should just tell him how you feel straight up and maybe then, he won't fee insecure anymore. maybe he just needs some assurance.

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  • He owes you an explanation. Obviously something happened in his life to change things all of a sudden. I think the not knowing why part would be the worst.

    • I agree... I mean I understand that sometimes people lose interest, but from his actions and what he said, it didn't sound like that was the case. Something definitely changed - he swore there was no other woman. I am on vacation now and he emailed me to see how it's going? I need to ask him what's up...

  • You're not meant to look for a reason, and they'll rarely give you one. They'll rarely even have one.
    Even when the wife divorced me, she didn't give me a reason (said she would, but that was last century).

    • He is having major financial problems and is struggling with it. I am the first relationship since his divorce a year ago so there is a lot going on with him. Bad timing I think...

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