I am so confused. Someone Give me some help?

I apologize this is a bit lengthy but today (literally today) I caught my boyfriend, Eric, cheating. We met online at Meetme. com, I just got out of a relationship and I didn't want to be alone quite yet so I thought why not hang out with Eric and just see how it goes. We had great chemistry and kicked it off right away. We took things a little fast and then we were dating. I then found out he was still on Meetme. I asked him to delete it and he did... for just a short while. He then downloaded it and of course I didn't know. After that incident with Meetme I just had a suspicion that something was going on. I made a fake Meetme account and added him and he accepted! I let that slide. Well story goes on and I am starting to see that he is being very "protective" of his phone. I didn't like it. I confronted him about it and he said "Baby, you're the only one for me. I love you." I let it go. Well I couldn't take it anymore, curiosity got the best of me and I got into his Phone and saw messages of this girl, J, he was messaging.. He was saying he loved her, misses her, wants to be with her, blah, blah. I confronted it to him he said he wasn't cheating he was just talking to another women. Yah, that's how you talk to someone who isn't your girlfriend. Well anyways I told him we need a break. He didn't like that and he said he loved me, wanted to be with, wanted to work it out and I am his world. I told him right now we can't and that I need time for myself... The thing is I don't know where to go from here. I love him, I do, and I want to work it out but I can't trust him! He broke my heart! I am scared and I don't want to make the same mistake twice. My friends don't even have an answer for me... Its a tricky one. I am really needing some insight. Please help me figure this train wreck out.


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  • Stay strong. He's cheated on you, while telling you not to worry and looking you right in the eye and saying he loves you. It's best to end it completely with Eric. (He sounds like a real dick, anyhow.)


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