If you ALWAYS initiated the text/phone calls, and she never started a convo with you, will you get fed up?

The first week of us dating, he ALWAYS initiated the texts, i mean, I never started a whatsapp chat with him, I always waited for him to start. I didn't want him to think that I need him or annoing :/. Any ways, he said that he's not in the right place to go out with any one now and its over between us.

I was wondering if the "who will initiate first" thing had something to do with the break up. Do you think he felt like he was doing all the work?

I wanted to ask him, but i was too shy to ask :(


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  • If it's in the dating stage, I don't mind initiating all of the contact, but if she's a friend or girlfriend, I'd get fed up with contacting them constantly. I'd call her out on it too, if things don't change then I'd call off the friendship/relationship.

    To me it's a massive sign of disinterest and when you are in a friendship or relationship it should be a two way street, not a one way street.

    • We're dating, not an official couple yet. And you're absolutly right about the "one way street" .

    • If it's in the dating stage then I cannot understand what the fuss is about. If a girl wants to text me then she can do so, she won't lose any respect, I won't find it annoying, I won't think any of less of her. To the contrary she would actually go up in my estimations because it shows that she is interested, it shows that she wants to be in contact with me and it shows me that she isn't afraid to make the effort.

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  • Yes obviously... I will simply assume that she us ignoring me and not interest. So to protect my self respect , i will stop immediately even if i love her very much.


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  • Nop it has not to do with that sweetheart but you need to win him too!!! 50/50 don't let him do all the work because he may think your boring.


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