I keep having bad dreams about my ex boyfriend?

I was with my ex for a year and was very much in love with him from the beginning to the end. I think I had more feelings for him than I've ever had with any other guy I've been with. But he didn't really care as much about me and I was always depressed and felt neglected and felt like he didn't love me. Then he dumped me saying he didn't have any feelings for me anymore (that happened more than 6 months ago). He tried to be my friend afterwards but I was so hurt that I told him I didn't want to be friends and blocked him from Facebook and we never actually spoke again.
Now it's 6 months later and I am over him, I have a new boyfriend who I am falling in love with and I don't even think about my ex anymore and I don't feel anything when I do think about him. And I don't see him or talk to him at all.
But bout 80% of my dreams are about him and I have no idea why. In most of the dreams, he is with another girl or he calls me things like "ugly". And sometimes I have dreams where he texts me or tries to be my friend again. I'm not sure why I have these dreams because I don't think about him when I'm awake and I'm happy in my current relationship. Why do most of my dreams have him in them?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Sorry you are having these nightmares, as I would call them. Seems like maybe your sub-conscious feelings are unresolved with the way your ex treated you (betrayal, neglection, etc.). It's ok, it's not your fault. Also before you go to bed, remind yourself that you have a great bf and picture your new bf taking you to a romantic getaway! Deuces.


What Girls Said 1

  • I think it could be because your worried the same thing might happen in your new relationship like you subconsciously thinking that even though your feelings are gone for him that he could magically find a way back to contact you or it's just that you might have worries that your new boyfriend might treat you the same.


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