Advice on how to move on when you know you deserve better but are attached?

there's a guy that I loved more than anything , he led me on for over a year and made so many plans and promises with me, but at last minute told me he's actually seeing someone. As I said before I really loved him and was very attached, and was given so much false hope by him. He broke 99% of his promises and went back on almost all of his words. I know I deserve better because I was left hurt / disappointed / feeling heartbroken more times than I can count.

I know I deserve better, but I just dont know how to move on when I was so attached and really loved him? I dont know how to remind myself that moving on is the best for me when I suddenly start missing him. Do you have any advice for me that could possibly help me?

Thank you so much. Really appreciate it x


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  • It's going to be hard.. but with time, it'll get better. Just try and keep yourself occupied with other things. Go and visit friends and family, take up a new hobby, go travelling... Plenty of things to do to keep yourself occupied and to help get this guy off your mind. Who knows? By keeping yourself occupied, you might bump into an amazing guy that'll treat you right like you deserve. Best of luck!


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  • so you didn´t broke up yet? you are still seehing him?

    • No we're not together, he's seeing someone else

    • so you allready did the most important step... a lot of girls i know fail to do this. i mean it´s normal to have a bit of feeling left for him but what you said implies, that you understand, that he was never the right guy for you. to get over it, all you can do is wait and see other people (especially guys ;)

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  • You have left him. You accept the fact that you love him, so there is no harm missing him. We all miss our loved ones when they are not with us. My advice will probably sound nasty but this is what I did when I was in the exact same situation as you are in now most probably worst than yours as my ex was physically and emotionally abusive. So one day I forced myself to believe that he is dead and there is no fucking way to contact him ever again. I was allowed to miss him but never ever tried to contact him after that. I hope it helps! Just think that person is DEAD. Just block him from every social networking site so that you dont have to see his face ever again.


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