Mixed signals from my ex boyfriend, help?

Me and my ex boyfriend went from best friends to lovers. We had an amazing relationship. However he moved away and that drove us apart. He broke up with me, it was messy. We didn't talk for years.

He recently moved back into town for college and he apologised, said he hadn't stopped thinking about me and he was going through a depression and regretted the breakup so much. We got very close during the summer and slept together, spent all of our time together. At the end of it I asked if he wanted to get back together.

He said that even though he loved me, he couldn't be with me. He told me that he was trying to throw his feelings away because he knew that in the future we would break up and he wanted to try and be friends. I was confused, so I told him that I couldn't be around him anymore and left.

When we spoke again after my birthday (weeks later) when he wished me happy birthday, I asked how he was feeling and he said that he didn't have feelings for me anymore. But we got drunk the other night and he told me that whenever he sees me he just wants to kiss me and cuddle me to sleep but he can't because it will ruin our friendship. Also I tried to hook up with him but he said sex will also be bad for our friendship.

What is he thinking? He just wants to be friends with me?


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  • Here's the issue. chances are that this guy likes you more than he wants to admit. The problem is that it is very likely that during your distance relationship he probably cheated and felt bad which is why he broke up with you.

    As for getting back together, He still likes you wants you even. But he doesn't trust himself. he doesn't want to hurt you and put you though the troubles that he believes being with you would bring. your best bet is to let it go. Be a friend to him. Don't push the subject of having a relationship. All you can do is let him grow on his own and if/when he learns to trust himself he may come back to you. But its a tender time and will be easy to make a mistake that will lead to you losing him forever. Better to be friends than nothing at all.

    • This is interesting. I have a question though - What if he keeps telling me that he doesn't want me anymore? He keeps pushing me away, saying he really doesn't feel anything romantic towards me anymore and I should go find someone else because it would be unfair for him to keep my interest if we have no future. Do you think he's lashing out? I do plan to move on because I get really sad whenever he says this but what do you think?

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    • Glad I can help. The best advice you can get is not to dwell on a guy. That is how many girls get easily played. Another thing is, one good way to get a guy to like you more is to not show interest in him.

    • Will do my best, thank you again :-)

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  • its obvious that he doesn't wanna leave you... he told you the truth when he was drunk


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