My ex says she loves me, but she doesn't know how she feels?

My ex of 18months ago have just started talking again. She moved to another country and our relationship broke down and eventually we split. Somehow we ended up talking about the break up and love. I asked her do you still love me? She replied "of course, I'll always love you. I just don't know how I feel". Personally I'm confused. I didn't ask to get back together... and haven't been making any contact with her. She's been the one initiating pretty much all the contact. Even asked me if I would ever visit her, but wouldn't ask me directly to go out there. I literally gave up on this girl, because she hurt me so bad. She's been trying to make contact with me for well over a year now. She never played games with me, not once - she's a straight up girl or at least I thought so. I told her I wanted to marry her someday before we broke up and she's never really forgiven me for telling her. She doesn't understand how I still love her after she dumped me and treated me so bad. Anyway I don't know if I can trust her again after leaving me the way she did, so I haven't exactly been super keen to get back together... or fly out to see her either. Is she testing me? I'm gonna just leave her alone and let her come to me, after all I was the one who got dumped. It would be cool to hear from women who freak out easily in relationships and commitment on this one!


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  • I think you just made her of the future. Many women and men are afraid of that. The y jsut want to leave the present and that's not bad. But for me you're not that innocent... I mean you don't ask her if she loves you even now... And that of course I love you is that she cares about you and wouldn't want anything to happen to you. Maybe it's even bigger than that*her feelings) but wouldn't she tell you? Besides she is a straight up girl. And maybe she thought of you there and hat's why she made the contact. It's weird, because she doesn't seem though that straight up girl to me. I mean one moment she asks if you would visit her and the next she has mixed feelings?

    • I think she just not that into me one minute, yet she tells me that I made her a better person and that what we had was special. That she was happy with me. Confusing...

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    • ahaha-Yeah that is me and believe me I don't look like her. It might seem like that because you can only see my eyes :P

    • Well your eyes are gorgeous! Just wondering what the rest of you looks like now.. ;) Message me if you'd like chat sometime...

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