What would you do in this situation? Her husband won't listen to her!?

My friends husband kicked her out of the house a, d told her that he was keeping heir baby, because this girl he works with told him that his wife had another man in her car.(which is true, she was taking him to his car because he got drunk with them the night before and stayed at their house) my friends husband is convinced that she's sleeping with this friend of theirs, and wants nothing to do with her, and won't let her have the baby! I know this girl was faithful and nothing is convincing her husband that she wasn't cheating. How would you handle something like this? Would you just accept that he will never listen, and then fight for custody of your baby, or would you try to work things out and stand your ground?


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  • She should get in contact with a lawyer as soon as possible. She should speak with the lawyer about the process by which she was evicted (is she sole or co-owner and thus cannot be evicted, was she not given proper notice of eviction, etc.) and about the way to re-establish access to her child.

    With that said, here's what I would do: get my lawyer to nail their asses to the wall. To hell with all discussions about "trust [that one will remain monogamous]", because that kind of trust has no bearing on the question of whether my child deserves to have me be part of their life. Anyone who tried to deprive my child that way will be subject to everything the law can bring down on them.


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  • Well if she is sleeping with that friend, then possibly it was just for sex. This girl should at least come clean with what she did (honestly) and tell her husband what she really wants in the relationship, that her husband is not giving. If she apologizes, her husband should be understanding, if he is a "good" man.

  • well its not a divorce... and technically they are still married so she has every right to see the child. Yo if that's your kid that you gave birth to... you do whatever it takes to get that kid back. You just don't kick someone out. Nothing happened right? Bruno's going to have to deal with that on his own time... and hey where's the trust eh?
    if i were you i would go question that friend... that told the husband. Why the hell did she run all the way to him the next day just to inform him of something she knew nothing about.
    And why is the husband so distrustful so instantly... control freak if you ask me


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