Was I too harsh? I think I crosses the line. Why do I do these things?

I was seeing a boy for a few months last year. and everything was great. Then one day he told me that he wanted to patch things up with his ex, and I think I got alittle crazy. About it. He was honest about it, which I appreciate, but I loved him so much it drove me mad! I took my Facebook and put a picture of me and him as my profile pic and then tried to friend request his girlfriend. That didn't work, so then I messaged her on another social networking site and called him a two timing bastard, and threw him under the bus. I was just upset. I'm still mad, but it's because I love him. I tried to be friends but Ended up scaring him off completely. I'm still spying on him on Facebook, and my friend is looking at her profile for me. I even made my BFF send me texts to pass off ass messages from him so I could send his girlfriend snapshots to really stick it to him. I feel like such a bitch right now. What do I do? I want him to be with me, but I crave justice from being rejected.
It's been forever since we talked, but I'm still jealous and hate seeing him happy. I keep all my weapons just in case I chose to act on it. How can I stop being like this?


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  • You're not really a middle aged man are you?

    • No. I am not

    • But that's how your profile is depicted. It kind of defies the purpose of the website.

      That being said, to answer your last question (why you are like this) you will need a therapist. In my opinion, what you did was really harsh, it's not mentally healthy to think and act the way you do. P. S. There is no justice in getting revenge from being rejected.

      Your 1st step should be to delete the 'weapons' you have, remove both of them on Facebook and move on to your life. But I have a feeling that you don't have it in you to do it (at least yet).

      I do wish you good luck.

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